The 8 Best Shoes for Heel Pain- Women’s Edition

A women’s edition for those soft & supple feet. Let’s see if you can guess my favorite.

Firstly, let’s look at the real problem here, what is Heel Pain, and what causes it?

Heel pain is a walrus size obstacle when it comes to wearing super sexy and fashion-forward shoes, which we all love, no matter our age. Hence this article on the best shoes for heel pain.

The extreme vexation one has to go through with heel pain is undoubtedly a nightmare we all want to avoid. However, this is a condition that is relatively common amongst many people, both men, and women. This annoying discomfort in your heel could be caused by several different reasons; nonetheless, the most prevalent are caused due to Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

The most frequently heard of is plantar fasciitis, which is sharp pain sensed at the bottom of your heel—not leaving behind Achilles tendinitis where the pain is felt just behind the heel, the tissue that joins the calf’s muscle at the lower part of the leg up to the heel bone.

Let’s reason out and see a few causes of the above two issues. A sudden or recent change in the form of physical activities/sport or repetitive strain and over-use leads to soreness, resulting from too much burden and impact on your plantar fascia.

This condition can also worsen if you tend to be on the higher side of the weighing scale compared to usual weight standards. This means that your calves are being put through more strain than they are built to endure. This is said to be known as Heel-Pain Syndrome.

This is a condition that most people like to call the heel spur syndrome, which sometimes can result from wearing shoes that have very low heels or when your foot’s fat pad has worn out or thinned due to sudden change in routine activities.

The pain is typically at its peak during the wee hours of the morning and tends to simmer down as the day transitions into night.

Usually, people hardly think of this as a big worry; however, those of you with very high arched or very low arched feet should lookout as this could be an issue in the future. As you can be more susceptible to developing this.


Just like Cinderella’s day was transformed by a pair of glass slippers, the shoes you pick out for yourself can also change your days to come. So, the question to be asked is, how can I ward off heel pain? 

A very straight-forward revert would be, wear highly supportive, well-cushioned, and abundantly comfortable shoes. Irrespective of what you do for a living, any one of us can fall prey to this problem. Honestly speaking, most of us who are on our feet and more active throughout the day tend to be at a significant risk of developing heel pain.

 Many workplaces advise protective and comfortable footwear, especially if you are needed to be walking and standing on concrete and other hard surfaces for long hours. A pair of un-protective, well-cushioned, and supportive footwear can not only lead to heel pain but can also cause long term issues related to your hips, knees, and back.


So, what unquestionably gives us genuinely happy feet? Prevention and cradling heel pain.

A speedy and apt answer would be a great pair of shoes with plenty of cushioning and excellent arch support. 

You can take care of yourself and this condition by ensuring you always pick out slippers or shoes that provide generous support and protection for your feet and have a very well designed and cushioned underfoot sole.

 Choosing the appropriate supportive footwear for this condition is a very crucial decision that needs to be made.

The best shoes for heel pain should assist with the natural alignment of your feet and even distribution of body weight across the base of your feet, to prevent your plantar fascia from pulling and being put into strain for any reason. They should also have a firm heel and an ideal heel height.

A couple of other things you can do to ensure your condition doesn’t get any worse and doesn’t torture the living hell out of you.

  • Allow the predominantly distressed areas of your foot to rest so that it can heal.
  • Inflammation and strain caused due to this problem can subside by applying a pack of ice 4-5 times a day, for roughly around 10-15 mins.
  • Lastly, I’d like to say that if your condition continues to prevail, please ensure you consult a podiatrist immediately.

In the below write-up, you will see brands and footwear styles that will ensure you and your feet are always HAPPY and comfortable. 

Like we always say, HAPPY FEET, HAPPY US…


The Best Shoes for Heel Pain Reviews - Women’s Edition

Let’s dive in and look at our top 8 picks of the best shoes for heel pain.

Dansko Loralie Wedge Review


Dansko, as a footwear brand, is well-known for taking care of the needs of millions of its clients, especially those who spend hours on their feet and need the support and comfort most shoes should be able to provide.

These amazing wedges from Dansko are APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) approved and a top choice for us.

They come in 100% genuine leather in a variety of color options. The Uppers are made from leather, usually treated with a 3M protector of Scotch Guard; this makes it resistant to most stains.

It has supple textile and leather linings, which ensure throughout the day comfort and breathability.

They have a removable well designed, and contoured PU footbed, which ensures excellent support and ample comfort for your feet. These brilliantly designed shoes also have Dansko’s well-acclaimed Natural Arch TPU science.

They have a synthetic sole, along with well-cushioned memory foam for additional enhanced flexibility and comfort. Last, by never the least, they can accommodate customized and standard designs of orthotics.

These Dansko Women’s Loralie Wedges ensure they take great care of your heel pain. They come in a range of classy color options along with a nice fun bright red as well.

OrthoFeet Mary Jane Chattanooga Review


OrthoFeet has invested heavily in years of research and technology to ensure that its customers get the very best that shoes can offer. The brand strongly believes that your quest for finding the best shoes for heel pain has ended when you try out their unique products.

These Mary Jane’s are made from a combination of leather and fabric along with a rubber sole. These orthotic shoes from OrthoFeet are very well-designed shoes that come with a very well-constructed ergonomic, lightweight sole.

They have an ultimate cushioning system, with orthotic insoles with an anatomically designed superior arch support system and numerous layers of soft cushioning to ensure elevated comfort.

If you are looking out for those shoes which make you feel like you are walking on clouds, then these are the ones for you. They have a pillow-like supportive system that ensures enhanced comfort for your feet and heel pain along with protection and support to your knees, lower back, and hips in the bargain. 

A specialized therapeutic design is set in place to help with good stability and great ease during walking and other activities.

They also have uppers that are non-binding and are available in various widths from narrow to extra-wide, ensuring they provide the perfect fit for all sizes and types of feet. Along with all of this, they have interior linings that are smooth, and foam padded for sensitive and comfort needy feet.

Two of the main features that make these OrthoFeet Mary Jane’s so loved are that they have removable insoles and allow us to add on our custom orthotics if need be, and they come along with a test trial pain-free, money-back policy.

They allow you to test their amazingly designed shoes for a period of 60 days, which is a long time. Trust me, and once you do, you won’t need even more than 5-10 days to realize that these are the shoes you have always been looking for.

Millions of their customers vouch for them and state that they are one of the world’s best and most supportive and comfortable shoes for heel pain that one can own and be uber-stylish.

Aetrex Marcy Arch Support Sandal Review


These Aetrex Marcy Adjustable sandals are very readily accepted amongst the masses, as they are versatile and amazingly comfortable. You pick the outfit, and it goes with it, anything from a pair of great denim to shorts, skirts, and even dresses.

They will add that extra wow to all your outfits, with their uber-cool and classy look and just the right amount of bling brought on by the metal studs on its straps. The upper for these versatile sandals are made from synthetic fabric and have loop and hook closures for the wearer’s ease.

They are built with an orthotic footbed, which ensures you get the required amount of arch support that you need; it also provides even distribution of body weight during standing and walking to prevent further pain and discomfort.

Your feet’ health is also of utmost importance, which is achieved with their anti-microbial memory foam footbed. The footbed, made from memory foam, provides an ample amount of cushioning for your feet. However, the comfort level of these shoes doesn’t stop here. The backstrap of this shoe is also well padded with memory foam.

Each and every pair of shoes leaves the factory to ensure it makes your feet happy. It comes with an Orthotic In-Built system from Aetrex, whose arch support ensures superior stability and feet alignment.

The only thing that these fantastic looking and feeling shoes don’t have is a removable insole. These shoes ensure all your painful heel’s needs are taken care of, to make sure you and your feet are happy.

They come in 3 neutral colors, black, white, and champagne, to ensure they go with all your outfits.

OOFOS OOmg Sneaker Review


OOFOS Women’s OOmg Shoes are designed and developed to ensure your body works lesser than expected to ensure you can push yourself to do much more.

These revolutionary shoes feature a technology called OOfoam; this drastically reduces the strain put on your joints and your feet by absorbing 37% more impact in comparison to other conventional foam materials.

This OOfoam technology helps expedite the recovery time and ensures it gives you the utmost comfort any shoe can offer, no matter where you go or what you do.

A material called Fiberflex ensures it offers each and every customer an enhanced comfort experience, along with durability and breathability.

An Anti-Microbial orthotic footbed ensures excellent foot health and provides the needed arch support, allowing even distribution of weight for a comfortable experience.

These amazingly designed shoes are super lightweight, have minimal construction, and are packable. Adding to all their remarkable features, they also resist bacteria and moisture and are machine washable, making them ideal for long hours at work and travels.

OOFOS, as a brand, offers many styles that ensure they protect and take great care of your heel pain and your feet. These shoes, in particular, come in a small range of colors you can choose.

Orthofeet Orthopaedic Walking Shoes Review


These OrthoFeet Sneakers come with all the values that the brand stands for. They offer the most well researched technologically advanced, comfortable walking shoes for women with heel pain.

These Orthopaedic Walking shoes from OrthoFeet are made with a knitted and stretchable upper, which provides excellent breathability, comfort, and easy wear.

The interiors are made from an incredibly soft and comfortable inner fabric, cushioned for all of you out there who have sensitive feet. Not stopping here, this shoe also has a padded collar for additional comfort.

These orthotic shoes are very well-designed shoes that come with a very well-constructed ergonomic, lightweight sole. They have an ultimate cushioning system, with orthotic insoles with an anatomically designed superior arch support system and numerous layers of soft cushioning to ensure extended comfort.

If you are looking out for those shoes that make you feel like heaven while walking, then these are your go-to shoes. They have a pillow-like supportive system and air pockets that ensure enhanced comfort for your feet and heel pain and all-over protection.

A specialized therapeutic design is set in place to help with good stability and elevated ease during walking and other activities.

They also have uppers that are non-binding and are available in various widths from narrow to extra-wide, ensuring they provide the perfect fit for all sizes and types of feet. Along with all of this, they have interior linings that are smooth, and foam padded for sensitive and comfort needy feet.

Lastly, OrthoFeet’s shoes typically offer two essential features: the removable insoles and a 60 days trial period. The removable insole allows us to add on our custom orthotics if needed, and they offer a test and trial pain-free, money-back policy., which is for a period of 60 days.

All-in-all a great pair of very well functional walking shoes to protect you and your feet from heel pain.

Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Review


Skechers as a brand has been known over the year for the well-constructed and beautifully designed walking shoes they make.

These Go Walk 4 walking shoes from Skechers come with a rubber sole and is extremely lightweight. They have a heel which is 1.25 inches high and has panels of heel fabric that provides stability.

It has a 5GEN midsole that provides superior cushioning and is highly responsive; two features are considered very innovative from Skechers.

It has an upper, which is practically a seamless design construction made of very soft mesh and pushes the bar of comfort a notch up. It also comes with odor control and anti-bacterial properties attained by the Bamboo lining of the footbed.

These shoes offer a significant push back or rebound during every step you take; this is achieved by Skechers Goga Max technology, which is inbuilt into the footbed. Lastly, they have tapered mid feet to ensure proper arch support.

These shoes are perfect for walking and ensure you are given all the attributes of a great pair of shoes for supporting your heel pain. They come in almost ten color options to ensure every one of you finds your pick.

Gravity Defyer G-Defy Mighty Walk Review


Is the case of these shoes, let’s take a different approach, and let’s start with the most important clinical study conducted by UCLA Medical center. G-Defy Mighty Walk comes with a Patented VersoShock Technology, which helps in absorbing shock and converting the same to positive energy, which is renewed by it.

Under the clinical study conducted, this ground-breaking technology helps provide 75% reduced foot pain, 85% reduced knee pain, 91% reduced back pain, and a whopping 92% reduced ankle pain.

This prodigious pair of shoes from G-Defy comes with an interior that is seamless and prevents any irritation and trouble for sensitive feet.

It also has an insole that can be replaced with your very own custom orthotics to provide the extra support that you need.

It has a great front rocker and very supportive midfoot sole, which ensures elevated comfort levels for your heel pain.

Lastly, they also have a very roomy and deep toe-box that provides perfect wiggle room space for those long hours on your feet and swollen legs.

Who says orthotic and supportive shoes need to be boring?                                            These cool and casual shoes come in a range of color options and colored soles as well. Allowing you to chose what suits your personality best.

Orthofeet Slip-On, Chelsea Review


OrthoFeet is yet again on our list, proving that there is no stopping them when it comes to great shoes that can protect you and your feet. However, this time they outdo themselves with a great co-corporate and fun pair of an elegant slip-on.

This style comes in 2 distinctive leather textures, the croc, and the grainy leather. The Croc leather design is more for a casual or party kind of day on the streets outing, whereas the grainy leather is for a more co-operate and classy event or a back to work kind of day.

They come with a non-binding upper that ensures excellent comfort and cushioning for your delicate feet.

A unique feature of these Chelsea shoes is that is has a strap system that is two-way; it provides you with the freedom to adjust the shoe from both sides. This helps with an easy-off and easy-on wear.

These Chelsea shoes aren’t any less than the other shoes from OrthoFeet, especially when it comes to great technology and features.  These Chelsea shoes are an exceptional pair of slip-on’s, with all the features listed in the above two styles in this article from Orthofeet (OrthoFeet Mary Jane Shoes Chattanooga and Orthofeet Orthopaedic Walking Shoes).


According to my research and understanding, my ranking of the best shoes for heel pain for women are as follows,

Prolonged usage of poorly fit shoes, high-heels, and overdoing of long walks and other forms of traumatic activities for your feet can leave you in excruciating pain.

I hope the above article gives you and your precious feet what they are looking for. You can also check out our article on The Best Shoes for Flat Feet.

It is a fantastic pair of shoes that cares for your condition, yet makes you look stylish no matter the occasion; it is one we want you to have. Your hunt for the best shoes for heel pain stops here.

All the best, happy shopping.


Happy Feet, Happy Heels, Happy Us…

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