The 5 Best Shoes for Metatarsal Pain

Let’s beat this tiresome pain together, to ensure we have happy feet again!!!

Limited time?  Let’s cut to the bone. Here is a quick summary of the Best Shoes for Metatarsal pain, which can be of great help in each of the categories.


What actually is Metatarsal Pain, also known as Metatarsalgia?

The bones which built the structure and distinctive arch of your foot are the metatarsal bones. These bones are in a group of five and separate your phalanges from tarsal’s in your feet. 

The spot at which your toes join the metatarsal bones is said to be called a metatarsal head. Also, sometimes concerning your feet, it is referred to as a ball. 

Metatarsal pain can sometimes prove to be a real nightmare.

When inflammation of the metatarsal joints occurs, it leads to intense pain. This pain is typically felt in the balls of the feet and is characterized by a sharp and burning sensation. This pain aggravates more when you use your foot, either for running, walking, standing, or just flexing.

Metatarsal pain is said to occur due to various reasons; however, the cause tends to trace back to poor footwear selection. What does this mean??? 

This means that over time you have repeatedly been using footwear that doesn’t provide adequate support for your feet. Which, in turn, makes your feet susceptible to injuries.

The best way to stay safe is to avoid having Metatarsalgia in totality, which means making the correct footwear choices for starters. However, if you are already experiencing this terrible pain, then recovery totally depends on correcting these wrongdoings.

Ensuring you select the correct footwear to provide the support you need is the key to recovery. Having said that, be cautious. 

Finding shoes to give you the comfort you need, coupled with relief, isn’t an easy task for sure. However, start immediately as this is the right path to recovery.

After reading all of this, I’m sure you want to know which are the Best Shoes for Metatarsal Pain. Shoes that will help you on your journey to recovery. So, keep reading on to find out which shoes made our list? And why did they make it?

What features do the Best Shoes for Metatarsal Pain demonstrate?

  • A broad and Roomy Toe Box
  • A Brilliant Cushioning or a Well-cushioned Orthotic inner sole (Either A gel bed or a memory foam one)
  • A Low heel is essential to prevent extra pressure on the metatarsal joint
  • Brilliant Shock Absorbing Outsole, which is very Responsive, to reduce strain on the ball area
  • Just the perfect Arch Support
  • Excellent stability along with perfect Motion Control is essential
  • Flexible Uppers which are also very Breathable, supported with Ample Ventilation
  • The entirely fabricated and Soft Lining to ensure comfort to your feet, along with Moisture Wicking
  • The perfect Grip and Traction for your outsoles
  • A very Light-Weight pair of shoes, the heavier, the more stress on the feet


So Happy Recovery, Happy Reading! Happy shopping!


The Best Shoes for Metatarsal pain

So, let gear up for our journey towards recovery, with the very Best Shoes for Metatarsal pain!!!

Asics Gel Cumulus 20 & Gel-Venture 7 (Running and Walking Shoes)


ASICS’s as a brand has always been known to take great care of all its customers. Especially the ones who need it the most. They ensure they provide the necessary functions along with brilliant comfort and style.

Two styles from ASICS’s have proven to be great for those on the path to recovery from Metatarsal Pain. They are the Asics Gel Cumulus 20 & Gel-Venture 7.

The Gel Cumulus 20 is one of the most innovative and functional walking cum running shoes from ASICS’s. If you are someone who has been through hell and back. Due to the metatarsal pain, you have experienced, then these shoes are your miracle workers. 

Apart from the Gel Cumulus, ASICS also has Gel-Venture 7, which is a wonderful savior. Available in a wide range of color options to choose from, these wonders are great for walking as well as running. 

Let’s have a look at the features that make these shoes the best all-rounders we have on our list.



  • The best shoes for Metatarsal pain
  • Excellent stability along with perfect Natural Motion Control
  • Exceptionally good cushioning and shock absorbance achieved by a Gel Padding
  • A very long-lasting outsole made of rubber, which has excellent traction
  • A very Light-Weight pair of shoes, which prevents additional strain
  • Flexible Uppers, which are also very Breathable, made up of mesh coupled with synthetic overlays
  • Available in sizes that provide extra widths for more wiggle toe room
  • The perfect moisture control
  • Just the ideal Arch Support


  • Some people tend to feel like it has a heel which is too tight-fitting

Saucony Zealot Iso 2 (Running Shoes)


The Zealot ISO 2 from Saucony has been tagged as a great pair of running shoes. Especially for those who have been on the lookout for very supportive shoes for Metatarsal pain recovery.

Between its plush well-cushioned insoles and roomy toe box, these shoes have a brilliant set of features. Features one can surely not turn down when it comes along with great style.

Let’s take a look at all its unique features below.


  • A wide wiggle space
  • Zealot comes with a brilliant cushioning system, which very comfortable and is perfect for Metatarsal pain
  • It comes with a 3mm sole, which provides excellent energy return and adds to the already intelligent cushioning
  • Comes with an outsole that imbibes a Tri-flex technology, which makes it extremely flexible for the perfect ground feel
  • Flex-Flim technology has been used in its uppers to ensure the perfect fit is offered
  • A light-weight pair of shoes with ideal breathability
  • Perfectly designed outsoles for grip and traction
  • It comes with a supple and comfortable lining; ISOFIT makes you feel like you are wearing socks.
  • SRC zonal cushioning prevents strain to the heels and prevents metatarsal pain


  • Slightly narrower than expected

Brooks Ghost 12 & Brooks Addiction 14 (Walking shoes)


If you are on the lookout for the best walking shoes that will keep you and your metatarsals protected, Brooks has just the shoes for you. 

Ghost 12 and the Addiction 14 are two of the best and most supportive shoes from Brooks. They both come specially engineered to take great care of your foot’s needs. 

The BioMoGo, universe-friendly cushioning coupled with the removable foam insole, makes them a great choice. 

Especially for those of you suffering from Metatarsal pain. Both of these options provide the best support and incredible comfort, which is necessary for pain relief.

Now let’s take a look at what features make these two styles as impressive as their customers say they are.




  • Level up comfort with BioMoGo(DNA), super supple and well-cushioned
  • Wide and roomy toe-box space
  • Has a replaceable insole made of foam; hence adding one’s own custom orthotics is easy
  • A super light-weight design with well-supportive overlays
  • The perfect energy-return features, fitted with brilliant cushioning
  • The ideal moisture wick technique and breathability with its uppers made from mesh fabric
  • Mesh uppers which provide perfect flexibility and ventilation
  • Just the perfect Arch Support to support normal arches
  • The perfect Grip and Traction outsoles


  • A brilliant pair of shoes for Metatarsal pain, however a little steeply-priced. But surely worth every penny you pay

Dansko Shari & Dansko Karl (Casual Shoes)


When we think of casual comfort, the brand that tops my mind is Dansko. Over the last few years, they have continued to wow their customers. 

With some of the best features that functional footwear can have. Whether it is for people suffering from plantar fasciitis or Metatarsal pain, Dansko has your back. 

They are in the market to help ensure you have a safe and perfect path back to recovery. With their brilliant shock absorbency and excellent stability, Dankso ensures they keep your feet secure and protected at all times. 

No matter how long you stand, they will continue to support you. Let’s take an in-depth look at the features that make Dankso’s Shari and Karl such tremendous and supportive shoes.


  • Brilliantly shock-absorbent
  • Excellent stability perfect for your metatarsals
  • The perfect wiggle-toe space
  • Soft and flexible uppers curated from leather
  • Di-Lex featured sockliners help with odor-control
  • A slightly sloping heel for the ideal stability
  • Ample foam cushioning and brilliant shock-absorbance
  • A very long-lasting outsole constructed from the best PU


  • The men’s version comes with an open back, which could have been better if closed or secured

Alegria Debra & Alegria Liam (Work Shoes)


When it comes to formal work shoes, we tend to be in a fix usually. Especially if we aren’t looking at shoes that are bulky and look like orthopedic ones. 

To solve our problem, Alegria is a brand that has always come to our rescue. With some of the best functional shoes and shoe designs in the market, they steal the winner’s award in their category.

Alegria has shoes for every taste and fancy we have. They come in a range of colors and patterns for women. For men, they don’t tend to overdo patterns; they stick to colors and materials.

What makes them so accepted and loved is the fact that they couple great looks with great comfort. All of this for the perfect recovery journey one can have with the oh so troublesome metatarsal pain.

Let’s take a look at what makes both Debra and Liam from Alegria the Best Shoes for Metatarsal Pain in the formal category.


  • A broad and Roomy Toe Box
  • Soft and smooth lining, which is very breathable
  • Extremely durable pair of shoes
  • Stain-resistant hence making it quite simple to take care of
  • A brilliantly-cushioned footbed curated from memory foam
  • The perfect low wedge heel
  • A light-weight yet exceptionally supportive pair of great work shoes
  • An effortless Slip-off and Slip-off style for women
  • Provides the ideal rocker Motion Control, slip-resistant outsole


  • Not great for people with flat feet


So, the reason I chose to review the Best Shoes for Metatarsal pain is that my mum goes through the same issue. Post extensive research and review reading, I came up with this list, which helped her. I’m it can help you as well.

Metatarsal pain can really be monstrous when it comes to your independent mobility. 

I absolutely understand your pain. However, before taking drastic steps like meeting a doctor for surgery, I suggest purchasing one of the best shoes for metatarsal pain. 

Trust me, this can-do wonder for you, instead of undergoing surgery, if not needed. Buying the right pair can either eliminate or reduce the pain by multitudes. This means no need for invasive surgery or medication.

However, post trying out some of the Best Shoes for Metatarsal Pain, please visit your nearest doctor ASAP if you still feel persistent in the problem.

Our Hot Pick? The Brooks Ghost 12 for all-around pain-free comfort.

So, check out all the options we have listed above to make you pick. Ensure you choose what will suit your needs best. Since you are here, why don’t you also check out our article on The Best Shoes for Varicose Veins.    


So, let’s run pain-free. The world is our oyster!!! So, don’t hold back!!!

Happy Running Shoe Shopping, All the best!


Pain-Free Feet, Happy Feet, Happy Us…

*** Please note all of the above is written using data, research, and reviews. We don’t intentionally want to recommend one product over another.

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