The 3 Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts

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We understand that time is always of the essence. Hence, I decided to give you all a quick synopsize of what the below article entails. However, don’t forget I tried to make it as simple and easy as possible by selecting only the top 3 of The Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts. 

In my opinion, below are the best shoes for orthotic inserts, post a lot of research, and review checking.

1) Top Winner for All-Rounder Casual Shoes– Drew Rose Mary Jane Dress Shoe

2) Top Winner for Well-Cushioned Athletic Shoes– Asics Gel-Venture 7

3) Top Winner for Wallet-Friendly and functional Boots– Cobb Hill Aria-CH Boots

Let’s have a look at what is the real function of Orthotics???

Orthotics have been known for years to be used by people who suffered from various foot problems. Over the years, science and technology have improved the way we look at Orthotics and who all use them. This helps us in also finding The Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts.

  • They are known to be used to help guide and manage the general movement of the feet.
  • Also, to ensure controlled directional motion of the foot.
  • Used for the reduction of pressure that causes weight-bearing for the feet.
  • Help assist with foot problems like Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsal Pain, Heel Pain, etc.
  • They also offer excellent assistance post the removal of plasters applied due to fractures.
  • Lastly, they are also known to assist with correction of shape or function of the feet by pain reduction and improving capability.

What types of Orthotics does the market offer one who needs them???

Three kinds are being offered so far,

1) Braces: These kinds of Orthotics are highly popular and are used to help with                 the correction of bone or joint abnormalities. They are used for legs,                   hips, and feet abnormality correction. They are also used for hip                         rotation and other bone abnormality issues occurring in infants and                   younger children.

2) Accommodative: This type of Orthotic insert helps relieve or aid milder foot                                 problems and pain. Accommodative orthotics tend to be                                   popularly used in the correction of biomechanical problems.                               Especially ones faced by infants and youngsters. A few                                       examples of these kinds of orthotics that assist with                                         corrective adjustment are, splints, night bars, and other                                     forms like gait plates.

3) Functional: Functional orthotics are specially designed to help in the support                       and accommodation of foot biomechanics. These are known to                           help with the prevention of pronation and bunions. They also help                       with the reduction of impact and load, which is felt by the feet                           and heels during long runs or while walking.


What styles are available in these Orthotics???

They exist in three styles.

1) Heat moldable or heat set: These are molding to the shape of one’s foot.

2) Customizable: They are designed and created for the specific needs of the requesting individual.

3) Off the shelves or Ready to wear: They are universal and offer support to a range of foot problems. They are easy to buy insoles available off the shelves.


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The Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts Reviews: Our Top 3 Selections for You

So here we go, our short and very particle list of The Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts.

Drew Rose Mary Jane Dress Shoe


These Mary Jane’s from Drew’s are as versatile and functional as great shoes can get. They come with a double-depth, comfort-offering inner. They also have two insoles, which can also be removed to accommodate your custom orthotics. 

It has the perfect heel height of one inch and a platform of about half an inch. This makes it appropriate for adding orthotic inserts.

These Mary Jane’s allow you to blend in no matter the occasion or the outfit. Whether it is a bright summer dress or a slim pair of denim, you name it, and these shoes can up style it…


  • They are designed with 100 percent leather uppers
  • These uppers are supple yet durable
  • They have a robust outsole which is made from synthetic material
  • These shoes are slip-resistant and have excellent grip
  • They are very light-weight, achieved by their breathable and lightly padded construction
  • These Mary Janes are quite the versatile shoe style for any event or occasion, being stylish and classy
  • It comes with a deep inner which is almost double of its actual depth; this allows to accommodate the orthotics
  • Lastly but never least, it has a very supporting and soft midsole for extra protection


  • Some reviewers have mentioned that the wide size option isn’t always wide enough as required

Cobb Hill® Aria-CH Boots


These 100 percent leather boots from Cobb Hill are a treat to one who loves fashion along with comfort. Its soft yet entirely flexible design makes you fall in love with every aspect of its design.

It’s very comfortable EVA foot-bed and laced closure allows you to custom adjust your orthotics according to your needs.

These boots from Cobb Hill are one of the most classy, stylish, yet comfortable boots one would come across.

If you plan on a long walk on a trip or a holiday and want to look stylish throughout the day, then these are the shoes for you. They provide an excellent and very comfortable long walk.


  • These shoes come with a soft and supple upper made from very malleable leather
  • They also come with a very durable outsole made from a synthetic material
  • This outsole is highly durable and has a one and a half in heel height
  • It is known for its protective insole, which comes from its four inches high shaft
  • The fact that it comes with a laced closure allows it to accommodate an orthotic insert easily
  • Lastly, it’s known for its very durable and robust foot-bed, which offers excellent support


  • A few reviewers have mentioned that a difference in sizing has been noticed between colors of the same style

Asics Gel-Venture 7


The Gel-Venture series from ASICS is known for being one of the most supportive, stylish, yet very comfortable ranges of shoes. Despite being an athletic pair of shoes, they come with a sock liner that can be removed. T

his allows you to add on your custom orthotics. The unique characteristic that makes each one of your runs more efficient and comfortable than the earlier ones is this sock liner. It allows itself to mold and reshapes itself to the structure of one’s foot.

The Gel-Venture 7 ensures excellent shock absorption, especially in the rear foot location. This usually is where one needs it the most.

The Gel-Venture 7 from ASICS is one of the best training buddies one could ever ask for since it tends to understand all the needs of your feet.

Its know in the world of sports as one of The Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts.


  • It comes with an Eva Midsole and an Ortholite Sockliner
  • This sock liner is very supportive, along with being removable. This allows you to add your Orthotics
  • It has very robust uppers made of synthetic leather, which is very light-weight and breathable
  • It has its Well-Recognised Gel-Cushioning system in place for shock absorption and energy rebound
  • One very key feature is its AHAR outsoles. These provide brilliant, abrasive resistance and perfect traction for outdoor activities like trail walk and runs


  • A few reviewers have mentioned that the toe-box is relatively narrow as compared to what is mentioned


I know one thing for a fact. If foot problems are something you have been suffering from for the longest time, then finding the right Orthotic inserts is essential. However, finding them along with The Best Shoes for Orthotic Inserts is very crucial.

Hence, I say invest time in looking for what suits your needs best. Doing this will make a world of difference to your feet and the way you look at your entire body’s health.

All three of the shoes mentioned above accommodate all types of orthotics very well. Adding these orthotic inserts or insoles helps with pain relief and ensures additional comfort and relaxation for one’s feet. 

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What are the key points to look for while selecting The Best shoes for Orthotic Inserts???

Orthotics tend to capture quite a bit of space, even if the ones you pick out a super light-weight. Hence it would help if you kept in mind the below points while buying shoes:

  • They must come with ample space to accommodate your orthotics
  • The toe-box needs to be round and wider than normal
  • They should have a deep foot-bed
  • Try and ensure the shoes have a flat heel or, if not a low heel, at least
  • Don’t forget one crucial point. They need to be a minimum of half a size bigger than what you usually wear

This is our life; everything is possible if we decide to do it!!!

Happy Shopping, All the best!


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*** Please note all of the above is written using data, research, and reviews. We don’t intentionally want to recommend one product over another.


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